The day I found out I was going to be a mother

We were over at some of our friends’ house until about 11 pm. We were heading back home and it occurred to me “I should’ve gotten my period a week ago.” Then I recalled that I had been feeling pretty gross, especially when I saw or thought or smelled meat.

It hit me like a lightning strike.

“Nick, I think we need to go get a pregnancy test.”

“Are you serious? Right now? We’ll have to go all the way to Walmart because nothing else is open this late.”

“Yes, Nick, right now.”

We drove to Walmart quietly, both of our minds spinning. I already knew what the test would be. I knew it in my gut, but I was waiting to get excited till I saw the test.

We picked up the test and headed home, this time talking about how our lives would change if the test was positive. When we got home, I headed straight to the bathroom. I waited for 2 minutes that felt like 2 hours, before taking a deep breath and turning over the test.

2 lines. Positive. I was a mother!

I gasped and ran into the living room where Nick was waiting. We were hugging and I was crying and Nick was even a little choked up. Nick pulled me to him and prayed for this baby and for us to be the parents we needed to be.

It was 12:30 at this point and Nick was so excited he wanted to immediately call our parents.

“Nick, we can’t call them at 12:30 on a Saturday! They all have to be up early for church tomorrow!”

“They won’t care! They’ll be too excited to care!”

We finally agreed to call them during the afternoon. I hardly slept that night; I couldn’t stop thinking about my baby!

We called our parents the following afternoon. Nick’s parents thought we were pranking them, and mine were too shell shocked to say much. We didn’t care, we were so excited! Literally all we talked about was the new baby. We went out right away and bought baby stuff.


Our Pregnancy Announcement

When it was time for my first dr. appointment, I was so nervous. I was about 8 weeks along, still in the first trimester and I knew that it wasn’t guaranteed that I’d see a heartbeat on that ultrasound.

I was experiencing plenty of symptoms, nausea, insomnia, even passing out at random. But still, I was nervous.

We walked into the Drs office anxiously, but excitedly. As the Dr prepared for the ultrasound, I prayed so hard.  It felt like forever while she looked a the screen which she had turned away from me. When she turned the screen to show me my uterine cavity and inside it, my perfect baby and that amazing heartbeat, I was ecstatic. I looked over at Nick and saw tears welling up in his eyes and fell in love with him all over again.

Even if that heartbeat hadn’t been there, I was a mother. A mother.

I couldn’t wait to hold this baby, see him (I wanted him to be a boy, knew he would be a boy, and he was) grow up, teach him, have a little person to invest in.

These 2 days, the day I got the positive ultrasound test, and the day I first saw him on that screen, were 2 of the best days of my life.



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