Dream Job

I feel like stay at home moms get a lot of flack for not working outside of the home. How dare we not have a giant career that we push for. Maybe we’re really really lazy, or maybe we have no ambition.

I refuse to put down working moms. This post is not a SAHM vs. WAHM post. This is just a post about my personal dream job, and why it is my dream job.

To be honest, I feel like I could be very happy with a career and with a higher level of education than I have. I love learning and I have always loved school. I’m the biggest nerd ever, and sometimes I feel like I’d really like to work out of the home, to have a list of big accomplishments and advance in a career.

However, I have to weigh those desires against some other ones, particularly doing what God wants me to do, but also my desire to be home with my kids.

I can’t imagine myself looking back at a list of accomplishments and a career and it being as satisfying to me personally as looking back on all that time with my kids.

I want to be investing into my kids every day. I want to know them better than anybody, to be the ones they run to when they’re hurt, the one who knows the difference between each cry. I want to be the one who disciplines when they need it, and in the way that I feel is the right way to discipline them. I want to hold my sick babies and cuddle them and fix them their favorite comfort foods. I want to tuck them in every afternoon and every night.

I want to teach them to be imaginative. I want to play kitchen with them and dress up. I want to watch them paint and color and draw. I want to read book after book to them until my voice is gone. I want to watch them build forts and play house.

I want to be their teacher. I want to hear them singing all the songs I’ve taught them, I want to be the one that teaches them how to count, how to read. I want to see their eyes light up when they understand a new concept. I want to enjoy seeing them find a topic they’re obsessed with and being unable to pull themselves away.

I want to be their at every sports game. I want to take them to the library and on field trips, and play hooky from school so we can play in the snow.

I want to study the Bible with them. I want to memorize verses together and talk about what they mean, and talk together about what we’re learning in our devotions.

My dream job is being a mother. My dream is to pour myself into my kids and watch them grow and mature and to have no regrets about the time I spent with them. If I don’t have a huge list of accomplishments, that’s ok. If I’ve done my absolute best raising my kids, that is accomplishment enough for me.



  1. This is fantastic! My husband always reminds me being a stay at home mom is the hardest job, but it’s also incredibly noble to give up other dreams and raise the next generation. This is a really lovely way to think of raising children!


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